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Vertical Thighplasty

A vertical thighplasty is recommended for the treatment of loose thigh skin in a circumferential (horizontal) dimension. The procedure involves removal of a large ellipse of skin and tissue of the inner thigh through a vertical incision that starts at the groin crease and extends to the inner knee. It is a thigh reduction procedure, not a lift. Also, vertical thighplasty is the procedure that is often performed by many plastic surgeons, instead of a thigh lift. In Dr. Siamak Agha's practice, the procedure is recommended for a select number of patients who have been able to drop significant weight and present with significant thigh laxity. About one third of the weight loss patients typically require a vertical thighplasty. For these patients, Dr. Siamak Agha combines the vertical thighplasty and the Spiral Thigh Lift to obtain circumferential thigh reduction and thigh lift. Whereas the scars after the Spiral Thigh Lift are covered by most underpants, the vertical thighplasty scar will be seen when the inner thighs are exposed.


These photos show the pre-operative photos of a weight loss patient who has significant thigh laxity in both a vertical and circumferential direction. The patient would have benefited from both a Spiral Thigh Lift and a vertical thighplasty. However, the patient only wanted a vertical thighplasty. Her pre-operative photos and markings are shown on the top row. The lower row shows the patient's corresponding post-operative photos at 6 months after the patient's surgery.