Thigh Lift and Thighplasty in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

One of the most challenging procedures in Post-bariatric Plastic Surgery is the thigh lift or thighplasty surgery in Los Angeles. This is because the thigh deformity is variable; the thigh contour is heavily influenced by the adjacent regions such as the abdomen, waist and buttocks; the tissues are heavy and subject to considerable movement; and the location of the thigh incisions next to the groin make them more prone to contamination. Thighplasty refers to a number of thigh surgeries that involve removal of excess thigh skin and fat. The aim of a successful thighplasty procedure should be reduction of the thigh excess and thigh descent. The new contour should follow the aesthetic features of the thigh, the scars should be inconspicuous, and the creases reconstructed meticulously. Dr. Siamak Agha prefers to use the term "thigh lift " to denote elevation of the thigh in a vertical direction and reserves the term "thighplasty " for circumferential (horizontal) reduction of the thigh.

The current thighplasty techniques include:

Upper and inner thigh lift for correction of the loose of the inner thigh. This is the current thigh lift procedure that is used for non-bariatric patients. The procedure however does not elevate the back or the front of the thigh.

Lower body lift to correct the outer thigh.

Vertical thighplasty to correct for the excess circumferential laxity

Many plastic surgeons prefer to use predominantly the vertical thighplasty to reduce the degree of thigh laxity in weight loss patients. This is understandable given the limitations of the current inner thigh lift in correcting the vertical thigh laxity of the weight loss patient. In recent years, Dr. Siamak Agha together with Dr. Dennis Hurwitz have pioneered a new method of thigh lift. Termed the "Spiral Thigh Lift " by Dr. Siamak Agha, the new thigh lift procedure corrects for the vertical laxity of the back, inner surface and front of the thigh. When performed together with a lower body lift, the Spiral Thigh Lift produces circumferential thigh lift that is needed by almost all weight loss patients.