Ideal Thigh Aesthetics

The ideal thighs present certain features that define an aesthetically beautiful and healthy figure. These include thighs that are proportionate to the buttocks, abdomen, and legs. There is a gentle and smooth convexity of the thigh front which conforms to the large muscle mass as opposed to the flattened thigh back. The inner thigh is firm and flat. The trunk and outer thigh follow an hour-glass silhouette with pleasing concavity of the waist, rising to a smooth convexity of the outer thighs.

From the front, the thighs are separated from the abdominal region and groin area by the groin crease that extends towards the back as the V-shaped demarcation of buttock and lower back tissue. Furthermore, from the back, the upper thigh is distinguished from the lower buttock by a well-defined crease known as the infra-gluteal fold. Both men and women who have loose thigh skin and tissue will benefit from a thigh lift. The skin is usually saggy, flabby, and/or dimpled and will not respond to sufficiently to liposuction.