The cost of body lift surgery is determined based on the surgeon’s fee, the number of procedures planned, the amount of work needed, facility fees and the anesthesia fees. As an example, a lower body lift can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. The exact number not only reflects your surgeons experience but also the number of procedures that he or she plans to do for you through the lower body lift circumferential incision. For example, some plastic surgeons use the term lower body lift, circumferential abdominoplasty, and belt lipectomy synonymously. Although all of these procedures have the same incision that goes 360 degree around the lower body, in reality, the work done through the incision can vary significantly and this affects the final cost.

A circumferential abdominoplasty or a bletlipectomy is a procedure that involves a circumferential incision around the lower body. Through this incision, your plastic surgeon will perform a tummy tuck, waist reduction and buttock lift. This is the most basic form of a lower body lift in our practice.

A more comprehensive form of the lower body lift involves the same incision, but your plastic surgeon will performs a monsplasty (pubic elevation), tummy tuck, front of thigh lift, outer thigh lift, waist reduction, buttock lift and buttock augmentation with lower back tissue. Obviously this is a more involved and time consuming procedure and thus is more expensive than the belt lipectomy. We call this a complete lower body lift.

Our high-definition body lift is the most comprehensive form of lower body lift that we offer. High-definition lower body lift involves all the procedures that we have mentioned above for a complete lower body lift but in addition body contouring is performed during the lower body lift surgery. Dr. Agha typically liposuctions the abdomen, the waists, the lower back, the love handles and the thighs as part of the body contouring and sculpting that creates curvatures and definitions of the high-definition body lift. Often times, the liposuctioned fat is processed and will be used immediately for fat transfer.

How Do Patients Pay for Body Lift Surgery?

Some patients elect to pay for everything up front. Meanwhile, others opt to finance their body lift procedures. Medical loans and second mortgages are common ways that people pay for body lift surgery. Although the cost of body lift is a major factor to consider, it is yet another reason not to take body lift surgery lightly and to seek a plastic surgeon who specializes and is experienced in this field.