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Breast Surgery and Body Lift in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Breast Reshaping After Massive Weight Loss

Many of the aforementioned changes occur independently on each side of the body, and the degree of change is often asymmetrical. It is not surprising to find that the breasts are also asymmetrical in many aspects, most noticeably shape and size. For some, the breasts will be completely deflated and empty, whereas others will still have very large breasts (macromastia). In between these extremes, there are variable breast shapes and sizes. However, virtually all weight loss patients will require some form of a breast lift procedure. This is often combined with either a breast reduction or a breast augmentation. Typically with significant weight loss, the breasts undergo mild, moderate, or severe loss of fatty tissue and deflation. The dermal stretch gives a damaged quality to the breast skin. The nipple areola complex (pink part of breast) often becomes distorted and sags. The inframammary fold under the breast loses its semi-circular form and becomes semi-linear over the outer aspect of the chest due to the weight of the excess abdominal tissue and back rolls. The breasts are displaced downward and outward on the chest. They also appear broadened by the loss of outer breast tail/chest demarcation. This results in flattening and loss of breast projection with mild, moderate, or severe degrees of sagging.


43 year old patient of Dr. Siamak Agha who weighed 298 pounds before gastric bypass surgery in Los Angeles. She was able to drop over 120 lbs.


44 year old patient of Dr. Siamak Agha who weighed 290 pounds before gastric bypass surgery in Los Angeles. She was able to drop over 120 lbs.

For those with existing macromastia and sagging, Dr. Siamak Agha commonly performs a Wise-pattern breast reduction with internal breast lift by employing the dermal bra suspension technique. This procedure was developed, described, and published by Drs. Rubin and Siamak Agha in Plastic Surgery Book: Aesthetic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss in 2007. For others who require breast volume, Dr. Siamak Agha offers either the use of Los Angeles breast implants or your own excess upper body tissue for breast augmentation. This latter method has been pioneered and developed by Drs. Siamak Agha and Hurwitz and was published in Annals of Plastic Surgeryin 2006. For certain patients, Dr. Siamak Agha has found this approach an effective and safe method to reshape the breast, upper chest, and back. It treats the breasts and the upper body laxity in unison, using the excess upper abdominal, chest, or upper back tissue to supplement the was able to drop breast volume. Both the upper body lift and breast reshaping are performed simultaneously.


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