Total Body Lift Surgery in in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Body Lift: Dr. Siamak Agha's Signature Procedure

The woman physique embodies the true sense of a three dimensional shape in space. It not only represents curves in a two dimensional hour-glass form, but also curves that are appreciated as the bust in the front and the buttock in the back. Unfortunately, the body lift procedure is a purely one-dimensional correction of the vertical tissue laxity. It does not correct for the circumferential laxity nor for the lack of contours and projections. Dr. Siamak Agha performs his signature Body Lift Procedure that aims to return a three-dimensional correction to tissue laxity. This involves correction of both vertical and circumferential laxity as well as the third dimension of projection and contour. The latter is most applicable to the breasts, lower back, buttocks, and the abdomen.

Dr. Siamak Agha typically performs his signature "Body Lift " in two stages. This involves about 16 hours of team surgery in total. By using trained physician assistants, Dr. Siamak Agha is able to complete each stage of the surgery in about 7-8 hours. Depending on the patient's desire or what produces the best outcome, one stage will address the lower body and another stage will address the upper body. He performs his lower body lift with a three-dimensional depiction of the woman body in mind. He starts the procedure on the patient's back. First the upper back rolls are liposuctioned. This liposuctioned fat is then collected in a sterile container, washed with antibiotics, and processed for transplant into the buttock regions as small droplets (see buttock lipoaugmentation section). In this manner, the contour and projection of the lower buttock regions are restored. The upper and lower incisions of the circumferential abdominoplasty in Los Angeles are then made on the lower back and then the upper buttock. The lower back tissue in between the two incisions is mobilized as flaps for augmentation of the upper buttock region. Appropriately sized pockets are then created under the upper buttock regions for flap accommodation. The buttock is then lifted, and the incisions are brought together by internally placed absorbable sutures. In this way, the buttock sag and laxity are corrected with a Brazilian buttock lift, and the volume was able to drop is replaced through your own excess lower back tissues. Thus buttock projection that defines feminine beauty and sensuality is returned and possibly enhanced.

Many patients discover a curvier and fuller buttock than ever before. Dr. Siamak Agha then continues the lower body lift procedure by completing the outer thigh lift. The outer thigh tissue is selectively undermined using a special instrument as far as the knee region. It is then elevated and secured at a higher position with deep stitches. Next, he turns his attention to the thigh region below the buttocks. To correct laxity of the back of the thighs, Dr. Siamak Agha has developed a signature procedure that he has termed the Spiral thighplasty. This procedure corrects for the thigh laxity starting below the buttock region. The excess upper thigh tissue is excised at the buttock fold, and the thigh is elevated to a higher position. The thigh is then secured to the underlying tissues, and the buttock fold is carefully reconstructed. After closure of all the skin incisions, the patient is rotated on the bed and placed on the patient's back with ample help.

Dr. Siamak Agha next completes the circumferential abdominoplasty in Los Angeles followed by completion of the Spiral thighplasty. Unlike other thigh lift procedures, the Spiral thighplasty reduces both thigh excess in a vertical as well as circumferential dimension. Most ofDr. Siamak Agha's patients notice a marked reduction in their thigh measurements as well as their overall size. The whole goal of Dr. Siamak Agha's approach is to return a three-dimensional contour to the body as well as incision symmetry low on the abdomen that can be well-hidden in a bikini. This combination of procedures can take anywhere from seven to eight hours of surgery.

The subsequent remaining body lift procedures, include an extended L-brachioplasty, an upper body lift, and a breast reshaping. The L-brachioplasty corrects for the significant arm skin and tissue laxity. The upper body lift can be performed as a vertical incision on the outer chest (J-thoracoplasty) or a horizontal incision on the back (transverse thoracoplasty). The choice depends on the degree of back tissue laxity, the orientation of the laxity, and the patient's desires and scar aversions. Finally, he finishes the breast reshaping as described above. This combination of procedures can take anywhere from six to seven hours of surgery in Los Angeles. The second stage is best undertaken once all the incisions of the first stage are fully healed and the nutritional reserves of the patient replaced. In Dr. Siamak Agha's practice, most patients typically wait three to six months for the second stage.

Dr. Siamak Agha uses liposuction during both the upper and lower body lift to contour and sculpt the underlying tissue to the desired three-dimensional form