Sagging, drooping upper arms can make one feel self conscious in a short sleeve shirt, and you will completely forget about that red strapless dress you have been eyeing at the trendy boutique. If this sounds familiar, you may be a candidate for an brachioplasty, or arm lift. With this popular plastic surgery procedure your arms can go from “flabulous” to “fabulous.”

What is arm lift?

Brachioplasty, also known as arm tuck or arm lift surgery is designed to give the upper arms a more firm and streamlined appearance, by removing sagging, flabby excess. Done with or without liposuction, an arm lift can help create a trimmed, toned, and well-defined upper arm that enhances your figure and complements your wardrobe. Today’s safer arm lift surgery techniques contribute to less noticeable scars than in the past.

Who benefits from arm lift surgery?

Hanging, flabby arm skin folds, also known as bat wings, can cause a person to become self conscious and lose the ability wear tops with fitted sleeves, and contribute to discomfort caused by underarm skin rash and irritation. By having arm lift surgery patients often enjoy the freedom of a lifestyle not previously available to them.

How popular is arm lift surgery?

According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery), arm lift surgery has soared in popularity and is currently one of the top four most requested plastic surgery procedures. Not exclusively for women, arm lift surgery is performed on many men.

Reasons for arm lift surgery

Arm flabbiness, or ptosis (sagging), when the soft tissue in the arm becomes lax, in many patients can be caused by the natural effects of aging, genetics, or even excessive tanning. Upper arm sagging also effects thin people, due to the effects of aging and genetics.
Sagging skin that develops in this area is also not prone to being corrected by regular exercise including Pilates and strength training. However, sagging due to significant weight loss is the reason the majority of patients seek arm lift surgery.

Patients who have significant weight loss reap many phsychological and health related benefits from their weight loss, unfortunately sagging skin that hangs from the arms and other parts of the body is a consequencesof significant weight loss. Due to the elasticity lost by the skin from the excess weight, no diet or exercise can restore the tone and firmness to this area.

How many arm lifts do plastic surgeons perform per year?

According to data supplied by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the average plastic surgeon performs 1-2 arm lift surgery per year.

How many arm lift surgeries were performed by Dr. Agha in 2009?

Last year, Dr. Agha performed over 40 arm lift surgeries including extended arm lifts, short-scar, limited, and L-brachioplasty. Over 50% of these arm lift procedures were performed on weight loss patients.

Medications to avoid before arm lift surgery

For 2 weeks prior to any type of plastic surgery all pain medications, except Tylenol, should be avoided. Medications such as motrin, aspirin, naproxen, and indomethecin can increase your bleeding both during and after your surgerical procedure. Many herbal supplements should also be stopped before surgery. For a complete list, refer to your pre-operative instruction booklet.

Supplements to take before your arm lift surgery

Arnica and bromelain supplements may be taken before your surgery to reduce bruising and swelling. A high protein diet may also enhance the healing process. Before your arm lift, consult your doctor about what type of nutritional regimen is recommended.

How long does arm lift surgery take to perform?

Dr. Agha, depending on the type of arm lift surgery, completes most arm lift procedures in approximately 2 hours or less.

Do insurance companies cover arm lift surgery?

Most insurance policies typically consider arm lift surgery a cosmetic procedure. There are exceptions for those suffering from symptoms and signs of rashes, cysts, moisture, infection, and/or ulceration, that have allowed us to obtain coverage for patients for arm lift surgery.