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Thigh Lift and Thighplasty AFter Weight Loss in Newport Beach, Orange County, California

Spiral Thigh Lift

Spiral Thigh Lift ™ is the signature thigh lift procedure that Dr. Agha has developed for those who have vertical laxity of the thighs. As the name implies, the Spiral Thigh Lift ™ improves the laxity of thigh front, back, and the inner surface. In many weight loss patients, the infra-gluteal crease becomes loose. This results in loss of demarcation between the lower buttock and upper thigh regions. Consequently, the buttock flows into the thigh obscuring both the buttock and thigh shapes.

This picture shows the loss of the infra-gluteal crease in a weight loss patient. The buttock area is deflated, sagging and loose. The lower buttock flows into the upper thigh adversely affecting the contour and boundaries of both structures.

The procedure starts on the back with an incision below the buttock fold (infra-gluteal crease). Through this incision, the excess tissue of the upper thigh back is excised. The thigh is then elevated to a higher position and secured to the underlying tissue. The infra-gluteal crease is then meticulously reconstructed. This will enhance the shape of both the buttock region as well as the thigh. The remaining laxity of the front and inner thigh are then corrected by continuing the 2 incisions over the groin crease and on upper thigh parallel to it. A wedge of excess skin with fat is then removed, and the inner thigh is lifted and secured at a higher position. The groin crease is then reconstructed so that the scar is undetectable under clothing. This provides a tighter and smoother thigh contour and enhanced skin flow.

In essence, the Spiral Thigh Lift combines the incisions of the thigh lift with that of a lower body lift to improve the thigh contour circumferentially. For many patients, the Spiral Thigh Lift can provide adequate improvement in thigh laxity, without the more disfiguring scar of the thighplasty. However, this depends on each person’s expectations and desires.

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