Thigh lift cost is something you will need to prepare for, before scheduling your thigh lift at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center. Insurance will likely not cover any of this cost. Many patients finance their thigh lift through personal loans, savings, second mortgages or other means.

When figuring your thigh lift cost, remember that your procedure will be different than another patient's thigh lift. Because each patient's body is unique, thigh lift cost can vary.

In order to ensure the most complete picture of what your thigh lift cost will be, ensure the following are included in the estimation:

Overall Thigh Lift Cost

A routine thigh lift will cost between $4,000 and $6,000 in most regions. There will likely be other costs to consider, toward determination of your final thigh lift cost.


If you have excess fat in your thighs and require liposuction for contouring and adequate sculpting for best results, this procedure will add to the thigh lift cost.

Plastic Surgeon's Skill

Whether your plastic surgeon is highly experienced and skilled, or new to the field, will affect thigh lift cost. You certainly want to work with a plastic surgeon you trust, who has enough proven experience to ensure you receive the best possible thigh lift. While using a more qualified plastic surgeon adds to initial thigh lift cost through professional fees, using a poorly qualified plastic surgeon can add other costs after your thigh lift. For example, having to undergo revision surgery if you are not happy with the results can be very costly.


Local cost of living provides regional variance in thigh lift cost. A plastic surgery in Beverly Hills may cost more than one conducted in the Midwest, for example. Big cities may cost more for plastic surgery than more rural environment thigh lift cost. This is standard to cost of living, just as the prices of milk, bread, fuel and housing are affected by geography. However, traveling to a less expensive geography will add more considerations to your final thigh lift cost, as you must then pay for hotel, transportation and other expenses of undergoing plastic surgery and a long recovery away from home.

Health Factors

If you are healthy and have no special considerations, such as diabetes, your thigh lift cost will be less than someone who has such health issues. Plastic surgery must be safely performed with special care provided to patients with conditions affecting their immune system and risk factors.


Thigh lift cost can vary according to type of anesthesia used by the plastic surgeon. You may undergo general anesthesia for your plastic surgery. Or, you may be provided with local anesthesia and a sedative. These affect thigh lift cost.

Diagnostic Testing

Before and possibly even after plastic surgery, you may undergo some diagnostic testing to determine your health condition. Such tests may include blood tests and other screenings. These will add to thigh lift cost.

Prescriptions and Other Medications

Thigh lift cost will be affected by purchase of prescription pain medication and antibiotics, if these are prescribed by your plastic surgeon. You will also likely need some over-the-counter medications during recovery, including pain killers and possibly nutritional supplements.

Wound Care

You will have incisions as part of thigh lift. As you recover, you will need to provide fresh bandages, gauze and specialized attention to your wounds. This will enable adequate healing. These items will be paid for from your own pocket, as extras beyond thigh lift cost.