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Brazilian Butt Lift Newport Beach, Orange County

Before and after pictures of liposuction and buttocks fat transfer: Patient 30

This 44 year old woman came to Dr. Agha at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center to under go a Brazilian butt lift.

Procedures Requested: The patient wanted to achieve an overall fullness of the buttocks through moderate augmentation.  She also wanted lower and upper back liposuction, and liposuction of her flanks, inner thighs, and abdomen.

Physical Examination: Dr. Agha found that the patient exhibited a flatness of her buttocks and a lack of projection, combined with a boxy buttocks shape instead of the desired round shape.  A significant amount of lower back fat also obscured the upper border of the buttocks.  She also had a moderate amount of fatty excess of her lower and upper abdomen, lower back, upper back, love-handles, sacrum, and inner thighs.

Surgery: The patient's 3 and half hours surgery included the following procedures:

Liposuction of upper back
Liposuction of lower back
Liposuction of sacrum
Liposuction of flanks and love handles
Liposuction of abdomen
Liposuction of inner thighs

Buttocks fat transfer - Following liposuction, the liposuctioned fat is then processed removing with all the tumescent fluid.  Dr. Agha’s then washes and cleans all added medication from the fat.  The liposuctioned fat is then processed and placed in 20 cc syringes, and used for micrografting into the buttocks area. During the micrografting, liposuctioned fat in small droplets are added throughout the buttocks shaping and sculpting the buttocks.  Each buttocks cheek had approximately 600 cc of liposuctioned, processed fat added to it.

Before and After Buttocks fat transfer Photos: The patient's Brazilian butt lift post-operative photos were taken 7 months following her surgery.

Results: As the before and after photos demonstrate,  patient’s abdomen after lipsuction resulted in a flatter, more contouredabdomen. Additionally, the liposuction of the flanks and  love-handles, helped to achieve a more hour-glass shape as well as making the buttocks less boxy shaped. Upper and lower back liposuction helped to reduced the fullness in these 2 areas, as well as lower back liposuction creating concavity of the lower back (also known as lordosis) demarcating the upper buttocks from the lower back.  Liposuction is extremely important for removal of the fatty tissue surrounding the buttocks.  The final step of fat transfer to the buttocks, created a rounder and perkier buttocks with enhanced shape and projection.

Learn more about body contouring and buttock enhancement by Dr. Siamak Agha in Newport Beach.  Dr. Agha, in addition to 30- 40 Brazilian butt lift surgeries her performs per year, Dr. Agha additionally performers another 40 buttock enhancement procedures, which are often more challengin and complex than a pure Brazilian butt lift. These include: buttock reduction, an actual buttock lift, buttock augmentation with implants, and buttock augmentation with lower back fat and fat transfer. To learn more about a Brazilian butt lift, or your other procedure options, contact Dr. Agha's practice today at 949-644-2442. Please take time to look at our extensive Brazilian butt lift, buttock fat transfer, and buttock lift galleries.