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Arm Lift Surgery

 Brachioplasty/ Arm Lift in Los Angeles

An arm lift is the perfect solution for troubled upper arms. Despite diet and exercise, patients seeking Newport Beach arm lift often feel disappointed with their heavy or saggy upper arms. An arm lift can eliminate embarrassment from wearing sleeveless clothing or bathing suits.

For arm lift patients who have firm, non-damaged, elastic arm skin, liposuction can effectively sculpt and reduce the size of the upper arm. Once the excess fat is removed, the skin shrinks to fit the slimmer arm muscle underneath. An arm lift can correct loose, sagging skin under the arms, sometimes referred to as “bat wings.” These arm lift Newport Beach patients cannot simply be treated with liposuction, since their skin is already loose. Removing more fat will worsen the appearance of the arms. In arm lift patients, Dr. Agha tailors the skin to fit the underlying arm by surgically removing excess skin and fat. This procedure is called "brachioplasty" or arm lift. Brachioplasty reduces the excess skin that makes clothing fit improperly. Arm lift surgery can markedly improve the appearance of the upper arms.

Depending on the degree of arm tissue excess and laxity, arm lift specialist Dr. Agha will plan a customized approach for each individual. This means adequately assessing the excess skin and fat. Each component determines which arm lift technique would be best. For those arm lift patients with mainly excess skin, a limited arm lift can be performed through an incision in the armpit alone. Moderate skin and tissue laxity can be treated with a short-scar arm lift. For those with severe skin and tissue laxity, an extended arm lift is required. This approach utilizes an incision on the inner arm from the armpit to the elbow. Most patients fall into this category. For those patients who have had massive weight loss or gastric bypass surgery, the L-brachioplasty combined with an upper body lift provides correction of the arm laxity, armpit hollowness and sagging, as well as the upper chest looseness. An arm lift can be combined with other body contouring procedures, such as an upper body lift, breast enhancement, or liposuction.

The recovery period after brachioplasty is generally one to two weeks. Patients will most likely be able to return to work in one week. Although results are considered permanent, weight fluctuations after surgery can adversely affect the results of the arm lift. To learn more about this procedure, contact the office of body contouring surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha at 949-644-2442.

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